Beautiful Outsiders

Quirky, mismatched, atypical and yet undeniably stylish: delving into the art of perfect imperfection to grasp the ineffable ‘outsider’ factor

I'm an outsider

Outside of everything

Everything you know

(Ramones, Outsider, 1983)

Every young generation has brought some freshness to the fashion world in its own time.
Or rather fashion has picked that authentic lymph up from street styles and young subcultures and, well, basically taken it. 
It’s a legit form of 'cultural appropriation', and it works as long as it is respectful of the source it draws its inspiration from - as long as there is a creative exchange.

Yet because fashion feeds on inspirations, references and contamination since forever, centuries of layered shuffling, mixing and jumbling have made it tremendously hard to tell the sources and even blurred the lines between different styles and dress codes

But something seems to stay unchanged: what truly charms us, what strucks our imagination and and seduces our ego is always that little element that’s exotic and out of place in an impeccably mixed style display: the perfect imperfection, the discerningly tamed  ‘outsider’ factor that will make us look and feel both authentic and fashionable, edgy and stylish.

While it can be naturally conceived and expressed by young, fresh and unbiased minds, translating the ‘outsider’ factor into fashion language is a whole different story. It’s all about balance: the element of imperfection should be just a little yet significant diversion from the norm - something that can be inherent to a single garment or expressed in the way we match our clothes and accessories.

At PT Torino, we strive to keep our ‘outsider factor’ alive and feed our creativity in both ways, by adding the unexpected element to our patterns and designs and by picturing the outfits and lifestyle ideas that will make our pieces stand out or be the foundation of a style that’s distinctive and recognizable.

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Models: Ben Massarenti, Lorenzo Sutto, Sean Cubito, Francesco Gianfrate
Location: Masseria Torre Coccaro, Savelletri di Fasano (BR)
Ben: Avril style high-waist bootcut jeans with released hem (SS21).
Francesco:  Rock style skinny jeans in organic stretch denim (SS21).
Lorenzo: Tredici style double-pleat pinstripe trousers in fine super 100's virgin wool (Edge capsule, SS21).
Sean: Rock style skinny jeans in white denim, (SS21).

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