How To Style Checkered Pants

Browsing our winter collections for the best checkered styles to be worn with creative freedom and a taste for disrupting style routines

Checkered trousers are a bold fashion statement, these days.
Borrowed from the formal masculine wardrobe, where they were traditionally deemed a staple of classic, gentlemanly attire, they have gradually become an element of disruption within a casual ensemble, in the noblest sense.

While pairing a pair of Prince of Wales trousers with a hoodie is not for everybody, there is a rising trend in fashion towards subverting the traditional rules of style and deconstructing its own routines through fresh combinations.

At PT, we fully embrace this transformative attitude that is giving the word ‘classic' a whole new meaning by revisiting, mixing and exploring new matches.

Hence, there is no ‘golden rule' to styling and matching a nice pair of check trousers: you may go for neutral, solid-colour complements or pair them with a different pattern or even a contrasting nuance. Just go by your own rules, but first take some time to check out our newest range of check trousers.


Tartan Check Pants
Tartan, A.K.A. plaid, is possibly the most classic as well as the original check pant style, dating back to the ancient history of Scottish clans. This complex check pattern is formed by intersecting lines of varying thickness and any number of colors, forming squares and rectangles of different sizes and new color tones when different colored lines cross. It is a super versatile pattern that lends itself to a wealth of matches


Prince of Wales Pants
Prince of Wales, A.K.A. Glen check (or Glen plaid) is a popular pattern made up of two dark and two light stripes alternating with four dark and four light stripes to create a crossing pattern of irregular checks. Despite having its roots in 1800s Scotland, it  is nicknamed after the Prince of Wales (later known as Edward VII) who popularised it by turning it into a royal trend. Still an expression of British refinement, this pattern is both timeless and unmistakable. 

Multicolored Plain Check Pants
A pattern of sharp, clean checks in different colors can be a great option if you are willing to turn the trousers into the centrepiece of your outfit. If the colors are soft and matched in an harmonious ensemble, the result can be exquisite, as is the case with these check fine wool joggers.


'Damier’ Microcheck Trousers
Named after Lous Vuitton’s notorious pattern, Damier is now a standard, a modern classic gifted with a sophisticated character and a French allure. Distinguished by small, regular checks, this duotone pattern originally designed for bags lends itself perfectly to woollen trousers.


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