A shorter cut

If you’re a shorts fan, this is definitely the best season for you to get creative with your passion. In case you are wondering if we love shorts too, the answer is yes. Here are a few highlights from the collection in the stores now.

What’s not to love about shorts? They are comfy, super fun to wear and they keep your legs and ankles fresh on a sizzling summer day.
Yet, as you can imagine, in spite of all the pros the issue is still rather controversial and haters definitely abound.

But the range of available options when it comes to short pants has widened and grown so much in diversity that, at this point, speaking of a single, monolithic apparel category would be pointless.

Shorts have always been a summer hit here at PT Torino, from their most impeccable, sartorial-inspired incarnation to tech, fashion-oriented, and leisurely styles. Here are a few ideas from this season’s collection for you to borrow for your summer wardrobe.

Neat, solid-colored classic shorts

Ok, maybe your office’s dress code policy doesn’t allow wearing shorts, but in case it did, this would be the perfect style. And it is still good for most other occasions! The design and the details are inspired by our classic trousers - including the fancy flap watch pocket and the double welt back buttoned pockets.


Patterned shorts

Classic shorts in signature patterns are one of the highlights of the SS22 season. This particular design is an iconic gold bridle pattern on a dark background that is also available with selected shirts and trousers.


Beachwear-inspired casual shorts

Lightweight, comfortable and summery: our range of beachwear-inspired shorts includes this special piece featuring an elastic drawstring waist and a Hawaiian pattern in delicate sky-blue hues. Equally perfect for hitting a garden party or the beach.


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