Summer Essentials

Cotton, linen, denim canvas and tech fibers: these are the fabrics of choice of the season for a selection of  trousers and jeans created with care and vision, and gifted with a very distinctive personality

Of lightness and sturdiness: these words are possibly the best description for the essence of SS21. Everything in the collection aspires to matching two apparently contrasting qualities by creating a balance that’s based on the design, the touch and the feel of these garments.

Cotton and linen are a classic combo for men’s summer trousers, but add a sophisticatedly designed workwear-inspired style to the formula and it suddenly becomes something else.
For the PT woman, cotton comes in its noblest form: fluid & glossy and satin, matched with a relaxed fit which is in turn elevated by the fabric choice. 
Linen, on the other hand, meets lyocell for our women’s boyfriend trousers enriched with pleats and other meticulous sartorial details.
Treated denim is one of the highlights of the season: whether washed, garment-dyed, embroidered or bleached for a tie & dye effect, it always manages to make a strong style statement.
Finally, our summery technical pieces deserve a special mention: besides boosting functional details and superior performances such as extra resilience, breathability and water-repellent properties, these trousers stand out for their neat and contemporary look, which stems from matching a sleek design with a tech feel.

Models, in order of appearance: Ben Massarenti, Sean Cubito, Francesco Gianfrate, Lorenzo Sutto.
Location: Kartodromo Fasano, Fasano (BR)
Ben: Billie - denim shorts with tears, frayed hems and embroidery; Victoria - relaxed trousers with elastic waistband in fluid stretch cotton satin; Lola - silgle-pleat boyfriend pants in stretch linen and viscose. PT Torino SS21 women's collection.
Sean: Rock - skinny fit jeans in black denim with tears & mends, SS21 PT Torino Denim men's collection; Travel -  single-pleat trousers in tech washable wool, SS21 PT Torino men's collection.
Francesco: The Writer - cotton & linen relaxed fit trousers from the ReWorked capsule collection; Epsilon 1 - technical pants in stretch cotton satin. SS21 PT Torino men's collection.
Lorenzo: Reggae - tapered fit jeans in organic stretch denim, SS21 PT Torino Denim men's collection.


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