Style Stories

A shorter cut

Shorts are a summer hit at PT Torino, from their most impeccable incarnation to tech, fashion-oriented, and leisurely styles.

The Science of Double Denim

Pulling off the double denim look is no easy feat, yet this total-denim outfit truly has great potential.

Joggers Done Right

Perfectly versatile across different styles and occasions, jogger pants are a closet staple in women’s fashion.

The Evolution of the Hawaiian Shirt

Casual, flashy, and occasionally quirky, the aloha shirt is the boldest and most unique fashion statement. 

Something about striped tees

With their innate French allure and playful character, striped tees are a must in a man’s closet.  

How To Style Checkered Pants

Browsing our winter collections for the best checkered styles to be worn with creative freedom and a taste for innovation.

The Iconic Sailor Pants

Sported through time by Dietrich, Garbo and Birkin, sailor pants are back in style yet again - or rather they never went out of it.

How Many Black Pants Should I Own?

Black pants are simply essential to a man’s wardrobe. But which are the options that you just cannot miss? Here's why you need yet another pair of black trousers.

Dance Hall Days

A journey into the unique interiors of Dancing Le Roi, a legendary Turin dance hall where the vibe of a bygone yet unforgettable era has not lost its...

Beautiful Outsiders

Quirky, mismatched, atypical and yet undeniably stylish: delving into the art of perfect imperfection to grasp the ineffable ‘outsider’ factor