Bold and Iconic: Meet The Reporter

A unique style that brings classic charm into the future

Think of those old-time American journalists from the 1940s, with their tipped-back fedora hats, black vests, rolled-up sleeves, and slightly wrinkled, high-waisted pleated trousers: that is the main reference behind The Reporter, one of the latest additions to the ReWorked capsule by PT Torino.

Originally inspired by classic workwear styles, this unique trouser range has now extended to include more iconic references that pay homage to milestone moments in the history of fashion: hence, this new, sophisticated design matching timeless charm with a very contemporary flavour.

So what's the main asset of the Reporter? Basically, a sartorial layout featuring classic elements such as an extended waistband and impeccably-cut double pleats paired with an exquisitely modern carrot fit, magnified by a shorter-than-average inseam and cuffed hems.

Overall, the result is bold and distinctive, but also very versatile: whether you’re a classic kind of guy or you like mixing different styles to make your own statement, the Reporter will lend itself to your needs and creativity, either in an impeccable by-the-book outfit or paired with casual complements.

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