Joggers Done Right

Perfectly versatile and ubiquitous across different styles and occasions, jogger pants are now an extensive concept and a closet staple in women’s fashion. Here’s what they should look like and how to pick the right pair for you

Relaxed, lightweight, and comfortable: this is how joggers are supposed to be. Borrowed from sportswear and caught into the athleisure trend, they are now officially an across-the-board style that lends itself both to the world of jeans and trousers, adjusting its signature features to every possible style.

What makes a jogger a jogger?

Wide on the legs and tight at the ankles: this shape is basically the hallmark of a jogger, that will more often than not - although not necessarily - be enhanced by elastic/drawstring waist and cuffs. 
Depending on the fabric and the design, joggers might go all the way from casual to chic and fancy, so forget your idea of sporty jogger sweatpants and open up to a whole range of possibilities, including sophisticated & fluid lounge joggers, casual/everyday wool, cotton or denim joggers, and even smart lurex or satin joggers.

The jogger fit

Originally designed for comfort, joggers are now more of a regular trouser style, yet they still should fit comfortably: regardless of their being casual, sleek, or sartorial, they should allow you to move freely. The fit around your ankles should be close and the hem should sit well above your shoes. 
As for the waist, it really depends on the specific fit and style of the trousers: generally speaking, the smartest styles have a regular-to-high waist, whereas the most casual ones may even have a lower waistline and even a slightly dropped crotch.

What does a pair of joggers look good with?

The best way to enhance the design and the look of your joggers is to let them shine. Hence, our suggestion is to pair them with a basic item such as a shirt, a neat sweater, or a cropped top.
Joggers can truly flatter your figure, provided that they are well-cut and that your waistline is visible, so go for a short/cropped top or tuck your shirt in.
To add a touch of grit to your outfit, you may opt for a patterned top or one in a contrasting solid color.
Check out these jogger-shaped styles from the SS22 collection and take your pick!



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