How to preserve your favorite pair of jeans and live happily (almost) ever after

We all have that perfect pair of jeans that fit us like a second skin. Those we have been wearing for years, those that have changed with us and we would never, ever want to part from because replacing them seems utterly impossible.

Their creases and fades are the imprints of our habits, just like the wrinkles on our face: the “whiskers” on the front, the honeycomb patterns behind the knees, all those tiny tears and wears that we know by heart and would recognize among a thousand.

These hallmarks are the DNA of a pair of jeans and of the person who wears them – speaking of which, did you know that the FBI developed a technique to identify criminals by analyzing the unique wear patterns on their jeans and comparing them to photographs taken from crime scenes?

Yet however rough, sturdy and tough it may be, even the very best denim cloth will eventually wear out, and all we can do is take great care of our jeans to preserve them for as long as possible.


To Wash or Not to Wash?

A few years ago, a statement by the CEO of Levi’s recommending customers not to wash their jeans caused quite a stir. As a matter of fact, denim freaks, who collect and meticulously preserve every smallest detail of their best pieces, was their jeans very seldom if ever. But if you’re into one single pair and wear it very often, then this is not an option: the bacteria that transfer onto the fabric with skin cells may cause bad smells. So here’s what you can do: reverse them and hand-wash them sparingly in cold water with a very delicate detergent.


Love is in the Air

Hanging your jeans outdoors or indoors is great not only to air-dry them but also to refresh them from time to time. The open air will always grace them with that lovely smell of freshly washed clothes, but of course you should always remember not to hang them under direct sunlight, otherwise they might fade. For the same reason, using the dryer is not the best idea; if you really must, ten opt for the shortest and most delicate drying program.


Genius Hacks and How to Disprove Them

Do you know someone who has the habit of putting their jeans in the freezer? According to a rather widespread belief, killing the bacteria that cause bad smells with cold temperatures could be the definitive solution to the jeans washing problem. Only thing is, the cold does not kill all bacteria, but only some of them. The others just temporarily freeze and stop multiplying: so while your freshly ‘defrosted’ jeans might feel good on the skin (as long as you let it warm up a bit), as soon as you remove them from the freezer the surviving bacteria will start proliferating again.
A more effective way to deal with bad smells is resorting to specific antibacterial and anti-odor products that can be sprayed on the fabric, or simply refreshing your jeans by hanging them in the air.

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